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The Vouraikos Gorge

A trip through the Vouraikos Gorge to look for the wonderful wildlife there, especially the endemic plants.

Nature of Grindelwald

The area around Grindelwald, in the shadow of the Eiger and the Jungfrau, is great for plants, birds, and butterflies as well as just great scenery for hiking through.

Wildlife under the Matterhorn

How to enjoy the natural world in the shadow of the Matterhorn – where to go, and what you might see.

Vultures at the Hoces del Duratón

Griffon Vultures are usually seen circling high overhead. About 400 pairs breed at the Hoces del Duratón Natural Park, and they fly within metres of you.

The Green Belt of Segovia

Segovia is well-known for its human history, but it also has a huge amount of natural history to offer.

A winter day at Santoña Marshes

The Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park is probably the best, and most easily accessible, wetland in north-western Spain.